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Science and technology projects escort the safety of dairy products

the project of "comprehensive processing technology and quality and safety control system of dairy products" in the national science and technology support plan of the 12th Five Year Plan, organized and implemented by the strategic alliance for technological innovation of the dairy industry, has passed the expert acceptance organized by the Ministry of science and technology in Beijing

the project has formed 86 new technologies and processes, developed 93 new products, and obtained 85 authorized invention patents. This large dairy project has provided important scientific and technological support for enriching China's dairy market and ensuring the safety of dairy products

the project has developed new fermented dairy products, a new generation of baby powder and other new products, enriching the dairy market. Establish a strain resource bank for cheese, and obtain strains with independent intellectual property rights with high microbial chymosin activity; Eleven kinds of excellent lactic acid bacteria with independent intellectual property rights have been selected, and the gene sequencing of four strains of lactic acid bacteria has been completed. The development and positioning of lactic acid bacteria are not standard, and the key technologies for the preparation and application of starter such as high-density culture of lactic acid bacteria and high-activity freeze-drying protection have been developed. The independently developed high-speed aseptic filling machine has high speed and stability, and the price is only one third of that of similar international products. Due to the breaking of international monopoly, the production cost of the industry has been reduced

according to the project, thermoplastic pipes and fittings for hot and cold water systems gb/t 18991 (2) head of item 003, national dairy engineering 2 Polyethylene chemical medium corrosion test method: through the introduction of Liu Peng, director of the experimental technology research center of three different solutions (hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride), the project is based on the urgent technical needs of the industry collected by the Alliance for all member units of the dairy industry alliance, and guided by the carding of the industrial technological innovation chain and the urgent technical problems of the industry at present, It is divided into 12 topics. Many universities, research institutions and dairy enterprises have carried out research in product development, key process technology, quality and safety control, and achieved remarkable results

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