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Schools are closed due to the epidemic. Girls in slums in India have no sanitary napkins available. Release date: Source: vision topic

according to the British BBC on May 22, the COVID-19 has made life difficult for many people. For poor girls in India, the shortage of sanitary napkins is still a problem that needs to be solved now

in recent years, Priya from Badri slum in Northwest Delhi has received sanitary napkins from school every month. The government promotes the "menstrual hygiene plan", and public schools will distribute sanitary napkins to all secondary school girls

this is an important plan. In India, only 36% of the 350million women in physiological period use sanitary napkins (the rest use old cloth and rags to deal with physiological problems), and nearly 23million girls drop out of school for a long time or temporarily during physiological period every year

however, with the closure of schools, the supply of sanitary napkins also stopped. Priya said, "I received the last package of sanitary napkins in February. Since then, I have to buy them from the local pharmacist. I need to buy sanitary napkins for 30 rupees.

Priya felt very happy because her parents would buy sanitary napkins for me. Many of her neighbors lost their jobs in the lock and could not even buy food. The girls of these families had to use rags. She said: "Girls in slums mostly rely on sanitary napkins provided by schools because they can't afford them."

after Priya asked for help, womenite, a charitable organization dedicated to menstrual hygiene, distributed 1.5 million bags of sanitary napkins to Badri and baras in April

Hachtgupta, the founder of womenite, said that funds were being raised in response to the international menstrual cleansing day on the 28th, and 100000 bags of sanitary napkins would be distributed in Delhi and surrounding areas in May

Cheria Mehta, a youth expert at dasra charity, said that the shortage of sanitary napkins was spreading across the country, and the problem was more serious in small urban and rural areas

on March 25, India implemented a nationwide blockade for the first time, and sanitary napkins were not included in the list of necessary supplies. According to the circular test, until March 29, the sanitary napkins in pharmacies and food stores were sold out, and the government added sanitary napkins to the list of necessities. This delay caused production losses of nearly ten days

the Indian menstrual health alliance, composed of non-governmental organizations, manufacturers and experts, is committed to raising awareness of the physiological period. According to Tanya Mahajan of the organization, the supply of sanitary napkins has been severely disrupted, especially in remote rural areas. Most girls who rely on school supplies of sanitary napkins begin to use cloth mats

many public welfare organizations in India said that during the COVID-19, the health of women and adolescents was ignored by the government and society, and it is crucial to solve this problem

at present, the Indian government has taken various measures to deal with this problem. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a sanitary napkin manufacturer, welcomes you to distribute 80000 sanitary napkins in Delhi and Punjab. The Indian government has summoned many police to provide slum residents and trapped foreign residents with rescue equipment, including sanitary napkins, which will definitely be affected in measurement. The aid materials announced that 600000 boxes of sanitary napkins will be provided to the police, who will distribute them to girls and women in Delhi slums

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