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The science and Technology Expo has helped xiejiuquan go global. What has the science and Technology Expo brought to the west? At the opening of the 8th science and Technology Expo, the author visited Jiuquan, Gansu Province, which has participated in the Expo for four consecutive times

according to the statistical data of Jiuquan Municipal Bureau of Commerce: from the fifth science and Technology Expo in 2002 to the seventh science and Technology Expo in 2004, Jiuquan signed 33 projects with a total amount of 1780.92 million yuan, including 1558.86 million yuan of signed capital. At present, the actually paid in capital is 537million yuan, of which the introduced capital is 505.8 million yuan. 17 projects have been completed and put into operation, and 16 projects are under implementation

song Cheng, deputy secretary of the Yumen municipal Party committee, was deeply touched when it came to attracting investment from the science and Technology Expo and expanding and strengthening local industries. He said that since 2000, Yumen City has organized a group to participate in the science and Technology Expo. A total of 10 projects were signed at the third to seventh science and Technology Expo, including 7 projects with an investment of more than 100 million yuan and 3 projects with an investment of more than 10 million yuan. Four projects have been completed, and the later the cracks appear, one is under construction. The total signed amount is 1.856 billion yuan, accounting for 41.2% of the total signed amount of 4.5 billion yuan of investment attraction in the city

of course, the effect of the science and Technology Expo is far from being summarized by a few figures

broaden our horizons and make friends. Zhuyulan, deputy mayor of Jiuquan City, said emotionally that we are grateful to the science and Technology Expo, which has allowed us to broaden our horizons and make friends. The capable deputy mayor has organized delegations to attend the third science and Technology Expo every year since 2000. She said that only when she went out did she know how to find projects and what merchants needed. For example, the agricultural resources in Jiuquan are at least the most in the country: seed production, hops, grass industry, etc. There are also wind power resources, tourism resources and mineral resources. In fact, it is the above resource development projects that promote and attract merchants at home and abroad at the science and Technology Expo

in the face of historic opportunities, Zhu Yulan and leaders at all levels in Jiuquan have been making solid preparations. Zhuyulan said that opportunities are for those who are prepared. The whole world is attracting investment. Therefore, Jiuquan must be prepared, prepare the project, prepare the service and prepare the environment. In the tide of industrial transfer and capital transfer, Jiuquan is ready to undertake

enlightenment of the science and Technology Expo: how to make use of the science and Technology Expo when the strategy of "attacking the top three" is mentioned? Zhuyulan said that people in Jiuquan have been discussing this issue since they first attended the science and Technology Expo. In order to better attract investment, they set up an Investment Promotion Bureau and a station. Today's optical column materials require good optical performance, light transmittance greater than 90%, high diopter, and good biocompatibility. In the year, we are also preparing to co host the international investment and Trade Fair of the science and Technology Expo, so that we can know the situation of investors in advance and let investors know Jiuquan earlier

the strategy of attacking the "top three" was summarized and put forward after participating in the science and Technology Expo in 2001. Zhuyulan explained that the so-called "three names" are famous cities, famous enterprises and famous schools. The influence of famous cities, such as Beijing and Tianjin, cannot be underestimated. Famous enterprises, such as dynasty beer, Master Kang, etc. The dried vegetables of Master Kang's instant noodles are all provided by Jiuquan. Famous universities Tsinghua, Peking University, and some scientific research institutions

from the projects introduced by Jiuquan City from the science and Technology Expo in recent years, it is mainly to develop local advantageous resources. Most of the projects fill the local gap and promote the industrialization level. The overall operation of the project is good. On May 13, the author passed by Anxi and was in a Gobi desert. My mother no longer had to worry that I would be hot. It coincided with the on-site investigation of the wind power bidding project of the national development and Reform Commission. Yang Kezhong, Secretary of Anxi county Party committee, warmly invited experts to interview the scene. Mindeqing, deputy chief engineer of Gansu Huineng New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., said that Anxi is the world's wind reservoir and rich in wind energy resources. The gravel layer below 0.6m of the underground engineering structure has strong bearing capacity and can be directly accessed by heavy vehicles. Yang Kezhong said that the bidding for this phase of 100000 kW will reach 1million kW in five years, and the world's largest wind power plant will be built. This project hopes to attract investment at the 8th science and Technology Expo

what Jiuquan has brought to the science and Technology Expo? When we interviewed what the science and Technology Expo has brought to Jiuquan, we also felt that Jiuquan has brought many things to the science and Technology Expo. For example, rich resources display, aerospace if you have other questions in the process of operating the concrete pressure testing machine, science and technology display, a lot of unique business opportunities. Also, the enthusiasm and persistence of Jiuquan people

deputy mayor zhuyulan is a typical example. She has participated in the science and Technology Expo without hesitation for the past six years. She said that Jiuquan has organized a group of 100-200 participants every year. Why? The science and Technology Fair has benefits and tangible benefits. Economic, cultural, conceptual, tangible and intangible, it is difficult to say in a word. If it is still an administrative order to participate in the first science and Technology Expo, now it is the consciousness and initiative of enterprises to participate in the Expo. Everyone had to attend for fear of losing any chance. Zhu Yulan hopes that the science and Technology Expo can organize merchants more in response to the resources and needs of the west, so as to meet the needs of the western development

at the 8th science and Technology Expo, Jiuquan will promote 63 advantageous projects, including agricultural industrialization, industry, energy, infrastructure and tourism projects. At the same time, Jiuquan people will invite well-known colleges and universities in Beijing to hold a fair for the transformation and application of practical scientific and technological achievements, a fair for the promotion of Jiuquan investment and cooperation projects with well-known enterprises in Beijing, and a "fair for the eighth science and Technology Expo and the fair for investment and cooperation projects in Jiuquan, Gansu"

Jiuquan participated in the science and Technology Expo this time, with the theme of "Jiuquan open to development, Jiuquan going to the world", with the rediscovery of Dunhuang, the upcoming launch of Shenzhou VI and the development of a new image of Jiuquan as highlights, continue to focus on the two major brands of Dunhuang Feitian and Jiuquan aerospace

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