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Scientific informatization evaluation

so far, the informatization construction of domestic enterprises has gradually matured, especially the construction of major application systems in large enterprises is nearing the end. However, with the basic information construction basically completed, CIO is facing more difficult difficulties. It is more and more difficult to say why it should be invested and in what direction is reasonable? Faced with the constant doubt of CFO, the investment in informatization has been shrinking. At the same time, in the view of most CEOs, informatization has become the core of enterprise competition, and there is no doubt about the informatization investment, but the CEO is not sure about the system CIO is considering to build. Moreover, the more serious result is that enterprises continue to increase investment in informatization, but the actual effect has not been significantly improved, which makes it more difficult to convince C Al Li alloy to become the key structural material of the new generation of aircraft EO and CFO through the investment budget of informatization. More and more CIOs are facing similar problems. On the one hand, the lack of effective evaluation has seriously restricted the further investment of domestic enterprise informatization. On the other hand, the construction of enterprise informatization is facing difficulties due to the lack of reasonable guidance

a reasonable and scientific evaluation of informatization is undoubtedly a sharp weapon that CIOs urgently need to rely on. Through scientific, systematic and comprehensive evaluation, it is very necessary to help CIO find reasonable reasons to improve informatization and convince CFO and CEO. After 2000, China began to carry out research on informatization evaluation, and put forward some enterprise informatization evaluation indicators and tools. However, the relevant methods proposed in China are still difficult for CIOs to find reasonable arguments to persuade CFOs and CEOs to be willing to invest in informatization. Jishi information believes that this is related to the biased orientation of the current domestic informatization evaluation. The current informatization evaluation system or tools often emphasize the improvement of enterprise application level, and pay insufficient attention to the comprehensiveness and sustainable development ability of informatization construction, which virtually leads enterprises to talk about informatization construction, that is, from continuously improving network bandwidth to replacing more and more advanced foreign application systems, simply pay attention to the application level of enterprise informatization, and pay insufficient attention to the effective value of informatization

precisely because of the above problems in the existing informatization evaluation system, informatization evaluation with the improvement of informatization sustainable development ability as the core has become a necessity. Based on its long-term research, Jishi information has recently proposed a systematic evaluation index system for the sustainable development of enterprise informatization (also known as BSP index system). At this stage, it is proposed that the sustainable development ability of enterprise informatization is conducive to give full play to the internal energy of enterprise informatization, so as to meet the continuous and positive promotion of it on enterprise management, which will make the guiding role of informatization evaluation on informatization construction more clear, find a new direction for future informatization construction, and meet the needs of enterprise informatization construction in the next stage

compared with the informatization evaluation system based on the ability of sustainable development, the traditional informatization evaluation (we call it level evaluation) has obvious deficiencies, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 These evaluation methods generally use the national informatization level index system for reference, and evaluate the informatization level by the number of informatization elements at a time point. Due to too much emphasis on the evaluation of the number of ownership, the satisfiability of the business can not be accurately reflected. At the same time, due to the static and isolated evaluation indicators, the mutual matching and support evaluation between the systems is insufficient

2. Because it was proposed earlier, and it governance, it service management and other new enterprise informatization construction concepts were not widely introduced, the latest enterprise informatization construction concepts were not considered enough, and the potential ability of an enterprise informatization construction and development was not evaluated

3. For the performance evaluation of enterprise informatization, it is often difficult to accurately evaluate the overall value of informatization by simply quoting some financial indicators, especially the impact of sustainable development of enterprises is insufficient, especially when it is evaluated statically at a certain point in time, it is difficult to distinguish between the performance of enterprise management reform and informatization performance

4. The general evaluation of enterprise informatization level needs to rely on the establishment of benchmarking enterprises, but in fact, each enterprise is relatively different. Benchmarking enterprise informatization is difficult to explain the quality of enterprise informatization. It can only be used as a reference index, lacking practical guiding significance. Instead, it should be more about evaluating the suitability and satisfaction of enterprise informatization itself

5. There is insufficient correlation between the evaluation index of enterprise informatization level and the self-improvement of enterprise informatization. After completing the level evaluation, it is still difficult for enterprises to determine the direction of informatization improvement

because of the above shortcomings, the traditional evaluation of the key orientation level of information column 3 innovation platform has no obvious role in promoting the development of informatization itself and the sustainable development of enterprises. CIO relies on these evaluation methods for information evaluation, which is still difficult to convince CFO and CEO. Therefore, the evaluation of the sustainable development ability of informatization is to meet the needs of the new stage of enterprise informatization development on the basis of improving the above shortcomings

the enterprise informatization sustainable development ability should be evaluated from three aspects: the ability of the basic application of enterprise information application to meet the needs (referred to as b), the management and control ability of enterprise informatization (referred to as s), and the enterprise informatization performance ability (referred to as P). The interaction of these three elements constitutes an informatization sustainable development ability evaluation system with BSP as the core. Through the coordinated development of the three elements, we can ensure the continuous positive promotion of informatization to enterprise management. First, the improvement of enterprise informatization management and control system and enterprise IT application will promote the improvement of enterprise informatization performance. At the same time, the monitoring of enterprise informatization performance will provide a basis for the improvement of enterprise informatization management and control system and enterprise IT application. Secondly, the management and control system of enterprise informatization can effectively control it risks and ensure the realization of the goal of IT application. Third, the improvement and increase of IT applications put forward new requirements for enterprise information management and control system, and promote the improvement of enterprise information management and control system. These three elements interact with the gradual process of "evaluation - Construction - Application - improvement - reassessment" of enterprise informatization construction, and promote the benign and healthy development of enterprise informatization construction

compared with general informatization evaluation methods, the core focus of enterprise informatization sustainable development ability evaluation should be the following aspects:

1 On the basis of paying attention to the basic application of enterprises, the basic ability of informatization to promote business is evaluated by evaluating the degree to which the application meets the business, so as to realize the evaluation of the basic ability of enterprise application

2. Strengthen the evaluation of enterprise informatization management and control ability ----- Li Tongxia, postdoctoral evaluation of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for molded products of Dalian University of technology. Enterprise informatization management and control is not only to support the informatization construction process and ensure the realization of informatization performance, but also to build the institutional foundation, talent foundation and risk control foundation of informatization sustainable development

3. It emphasizes the evaluation of the comprehensive performance of enterprise informatization, evaluates the basic performance ability of informatization from the perspective of logistics, capital flow and information flow, and examines the strategic performance ability of informatization from four aspects: customer, finance, execution efficiency and innovation

4. Pay attention to the relationship between application, control and performance, and finally evaluate the overall sustainable development ability of enterprise informatization

based on the above analysis, we can see that China's enterprise informatization is undergoing a transformation, which is characterized by the following aspects: 2. Ensuring the complete informatization of instruments, equipment and accessories in enterprises will no longer be a tool, but a core competitiveness of enterprises; Enterprise informatization has also changed from a large-scale construction stage to a new stage of paying attention to the sustainable development of enterprise informatization; From the evaluation of informatization level to the evaluation of informatization sustainable development ability will become an important content of enterprise informatization construction in the future. (end)

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