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Schott launched the world's leading ultra-high strength anti glare glass

multinational high-tech groups and special glass manufacturers Schott today launched the world's leading ultra-high strength anti glare glass to customers. This glass not only has the characteristics of high strength, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, but also has excellent anti glare performance, which can effectively reduce the glare of high-resolution display, with clearer image quality and more realistic visual effect

as a special glass such as Schott xenation cover, due to its superior performance, high strength, scratch resistance and excellent touch texture and aesthetic expression, it has increasingly become the preferred cover material for many electronic display devices. At present, electronic display devices are attracting more and more attention from customers, and their applications will be more and more extensive. However, the clarity of high-resolution display devices will be affected and the picture will be distorted under poor viewing conditions such as direct sunlight and high illumination, which has become the focus of manufacturers' general attention

the surface state of the glass determines the transmittance and reflectivity of the glass. In order to reduce reflection, ensure accurate color restoration, and keep the picture clear, it is necessary to carry out special treatment on the glass surface to improve the surface performance of the glass

Schott cooperates with Berliner glas, a glass processor in the professional plastic industry, to integrate Schott's xenation? Cover aluminosilicate glass is processed by Berliner glas' specially designed and customized etching technology to produce the world's first anti glare glass xenation? Cover AG。

Schott xenation? Mr. Lutz Gruebel, the person in charge of global marketing and sales activities, said that family products are manufacturers specializing in laboratory specific material performance testing instruments and experimental machines, "Xensation? Cover AG is a leading super strong glass that can be subject to industrial scale secondary treatment and etching. It not only has all the excellent properties of xensation? Cover, but also has no reflective surface. The new etching process maximizes the impact resistance and shrinkage performance of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin parts, and the high strength and scratch resistance of cover further expands the application of cover glass Use the scope to provide customers with a better product experience. "

Schott will show xenation for the first time at the international information display Society (SID) Trade Fair in Boston, USA, from June 5 to 7, 2012? Cover Ag glass products. Schott will provide two types of products with gloss of 60 and 90 as standard samples. In addition, Schott can also adopt different etching processes according to customer needs to customize xenation? Cover Ag glass products have different surface finish and anti glare performance. In 2018, the amount of imported waste paper was reduced by 34%

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