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School enterprise cooperation, joint construction, and common development of new models -- on the opening of the pilot class of industrial robot cross enterprise training center of Jiaxing Technician College

on the morning of March 5, the opening ceremony of the "pilot class of industrial robot cross enterprise training center" was held in Zhejiang jiaxibeira science and Technology Service Co., Ltd. Zhang Jianguo, former director of the intelligent manufacturing office of Jiaxing technician college, Xu Minghua, director of the Department of machinery manufacturing, Zhou Binbin, deputy director of the intelligent manufacturing office, Huang Rong, the leader of the pilot class, Hu Genlin, the first batch of students of the pilot class and general manager of Zhejiang jiaxibeira Technology Service Co., Ltd., and some staff attended the event and visited the training center of the enterprise

according to the jointly signed "industrial robot cross enterprise training center school enterprise cooperation talent training agreement", it is determined that the first batch of students in this pilot class are 31, respectively from class 1 and class 2 of 15 industrial robots. The study time is from Monday to Wednesday, a total of five weeks, a total of 15 days. The main learning contents are: 1 Around Nachi robot, understand the theoretical knowledge related to robot learning, and be familiar with the code of conduct that can be added with a check stick for safe operation; Anti Strike ability of Chi robot's film pendulum impact testing machine: the film pendulum impact testing machine is a computer with high-precision photoelectric encoder and special measurement, control and calculation to obtain a comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development software. It detects the impact absorption energy and the impact toughness of materials by detecting the difference between the potential energy before and after the impact of the pendulum; Cooperative robot theory; Sto pneumatic technology and equipment electrical control system; 5. Visual technology and electrical joint commissioning technology, and complete the examination of the special operation certificate of the people's Republic of China at the same time

at the opening ceremony, director Zhang Jianguo introduced the development status and development characteristics of the industrial robot industry to the students, and explained in detail the types of talents in short supply in the society and the bright development prospects of industrial robots. At the same time, he earnestly hoped that the students could grasp every learning opportunity in life, realize their self-worth, and be a useful person to the society

Hu Genlin, general manager of kasibera technology service company, "we did this to provide information for ourselves, and expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the students. Then we introduced the development history of the enterprise, the relevant national support policies for industrial robots, and the special operation certificate of the people's Republic of China to the students in detail." Finally, the requirements of training discipline, operation safety and leave system are emphasized

Huang Rong, the teacher in charge of this class, also said that he would serve the students wholeheartedly and arrange the students' travel, meals, lunch breaks and many other matters

with the in-depth integration of chemical industry and education and school enterprise cooperation, Jiaxing technician college is further improving the cooperative education mechanism, innovating the training mode of technical talents, and making continuous efforts to cultivate batch after batch of high skilled talents


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