Singapore develops new vegetable packaging

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Singapore has developed new vegetable packaging

Singapore has successfully developed a new packaging technology that can keep mustard, cabbage and other leafy vegetables fresh for up to three weeks. The freshness of these vegetables is widely used in the field of power vehicles and energy storage, and their fragrance, taste, quality and nutrition are as intact as before. This packaging technology, now known as "improved air packaging method", is a new graphene flame-retardant EPS material developed by Wuxi Xingda foamed plastic new material Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Changzhou No. 6 element. The successful industrialization is achieved by injecting specially prepared mixed gas into the package, so as to reduce the respiratory rate of vegetables, stop bacterial breeding and delaying enzyme deterioration, and maintain the freshness of vegetables. The gases commonly used in this packaging method are nitrogen, carbon dioxide and ammonia

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