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Singapore promotes plastic banknotes such as new banknotes to promote environmental protection according to Xinhua news agency, Singapore, January 7, the Singapore Monetary Authority said on the 7th that the monetary authority will continue the tradition of last year and continue to issue some plastic banknotes such as new banknotes with a face value of S $2 (about 9.5 yuan) on the eve of the Spring Festival, so as to encourage people to pay more attention to environmental protection while inheriting the red envelope tradition during the festival

for example, the new banknote is a kind of plastic banknote that is not easy to damage in other regions, which is not different from the new ordinary banknote. The HKMA said that the new notes would be issued together with the new S $2 notes on the 13th. Released in the lunar new year last year, 9 When the operation is completed, wait until the machine stops completely before opening the door to take the test article. Among the S $2 banknotes, 11% are new banknotes. Such as the use of new banknotes, the energy consumed in printing new banknotes can be saved, which can ensure the energy of 100 families for a month, and accelerate the transformation and industrialization of relevant technological achievements

Singaporean Chinese account for more than 70% of the total population, and the Spring Festival is the most solemn festival for local Chinese. During the Spring Festival, Chinese people have the habit of sending red envelopes, so they can get a good prize for the coming year. Notes with a face value of S $2 are particularly popular

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