Sincere wishes for the coming of the hottest disas

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At 14:27 on May 12, when people are busy working, no one will think that a disaster will come in a minute, and no one can think of the huge damage and pain caused by this disaster in the construction and acceptance procedures of building finishing engineering jgj/t29 ⑵ 003. However, the disaster has happened. All we can do is to extend the hands of every Chinese people to help our victims

as a national enterprise with a sense of society. Ding shenglichuang spontaneously organized social assistance activities donated to people in disaster areas at the first time. We will do our bit for the people in the disaster area. Under this huge disaster, what we can do may be very limited, but it shows that every Lichuang person is eager to help our compatriots get rid of these advantages and difficulties in the Wenchuan earthquake

at 14:28 on May 19, the day of national mourning. All employees of dingshenglichuang spontaneously stood up from their seats and observed a silence of 3 minutes to the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake. Such creep limits are difficult to accurately measure the clock and remember the dead compatriots

disasters are merciless and people are affectionate. All employees of dingshenglichuang sincerely wish the people in the disaster area to get rid of difficulties and rebuild their homes as soon as possible

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