Singapore has strict requirements on food labels

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Singapore has strict requirements on the content of food labels

with the enhancement of the awareness of safe consumption, the need for food labels to meet the specified requirements has become the primary condition for food market access in all countries. According to the regulations of the Singapore government, all imported food must have a durable label on the eye-catching position of the package, and the content of the label must comply with the requirements of the Singapore food sales Ordinance, that is, the label must clearly describe the characteristics of the product and other information in English, otherwise it cannot be imported for sale

according to the regulations, in the Singapore market, food labels must include the following contents: 1) the name of the food (or the description of the true characteristics of the food). 2) As for the components of food, when the food is composed of two or more components, each component shall be properly described according to their weight or proportion, and their order shall be marked in descending order according to the weight percentage they occupy. If a component in the food is composed of two or more other sub components, these sub components shall be properly described instead of the component. 3) The name and address of the manufacturer and importer are ideal material importers, distributors and agents for the preparation of ultra-thin films, which will not affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the universal material testing machine. 4) Date marking: according to the Singapore food sales Ordinance, 16 types of prepackaged food should be dated. The date marking can be engraved on the label or on the packaging bag, or the date marking can be provided by means of instructions, or simply describe the effective eating period of prepackaged food, such as "eat before... (year, month, day)" (useby); "Sell before... (year, month, day)" (Selby); "Expiration date". If the validity of date marking depends on the storage method of food, the storage method of food should also be stated on the label or food bag. If the complete date mark cannot be printed on the label, the date can be marked in other places of the packaging bag, and the "usebydate" or "selbydate ateon" or "expirydate" or other explanatory words with the same meaning can be used to mark the position of the date description. When marking the date, the handwriting should be clear, and the character height should not be less than 3mm; Among them, the date is expressed in Arabic numerals, plus zero before the 1st-9th, and the month is expressed in English by full name or abbreviation. However, when the date comes first, followed by month and year, the number of months should be expressed in numbers. 5) The quantity/weight can be marked by the minimum quantity (volume) or net weight of the food contained in the packaging bag or container. 6) Label requirements for special food: special food refers to the food named and manufactured according to the special needs of people who need special diet. It is a refined food after improvement, combination and other processing. The outer package of special food (except those exempted) shall be labeled with the content of each component in the food and relevant instructions. The outer package of food containing carbohydrates cannot be marked with "sugar free", "desugation" or instructions with similar meanings

according to the Singapore food sales Ordinance, the following practices are considered misleading:

1 There are no labels, illustrations or other descriptive contents on the food to explain the nature, stability, quantity, strength, purity, composition, weight, source, production date, effectiveness or composition proportion of the food or its components

2. The food contains other added substances or its composition, content and quality fail to fully comply with the Singapore food sales Ordinance, but the word "pure" or words with the same meaning are used in the food description or descriptive text, illustrations or other descriptions

3. Statements on the role of treatment, prevention, health care or medical treatment are used on food labels, or words with similar or implied meanings are used

according to the provisions of the Singapore food sales Ordinance, food can only be declared as the source of heat if it is declared as follows: 1) indicate the daily consumption on the label of food; 2) There is a statement on the label of the food that "... (the weight of the food is stated here) the food produces... (the heat is stated here)"; 3) The daily dosage stated on the label can produce at least 300kca l of heat

the industrialization process of degradable and renewable bio fiber such as root flame retardant, high wet modulus regenerated cellulose fiber. According to the provisions of the Singapore food sales Ordinance, only the following contents can be declared can the food be the source of protein, that is, 1) the daily consumption of the food is indicated on the label of the food; 2) There is a statement on the label of the food that "... (indicate the weight of the food here) the food contains... (indicate the protein content here) protein"; 3) At least 20% of the calories produced by the food are produced by the protein contained in the food; 4) The daily consumption of the food stated in the label contains at least 10 grams of protein

according to the regulations, if the standard treatment has the following food related eating methods, suggestions or illustrations printed on the label, the font shall not be less than 1.5mm, and the description of the eating method shall use the words "recipe" or "servingsuggestion"

the food label for domestic pets shall not have any direct or indirect description to indicate that the food is also suitable for human consumption

the label content is the self declaration of the manufacturer and the first basis for consumers to choose food. Therefore, countries are increasingly strict in the audit of food label content. Chinese food export enterprises should pay high attention to the requirements of foreign food labeling, including Singapore, and should comply with the requirements of foreign market access when labeling food; The inspection and quarantine department should guide the enterprises to mark the relevant contents according to the requirements of the target market when conducting the export food label audit, so as to help the enterprises continuously expand the share of China's food in the international market

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